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Douglas T. Hawkins is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and ATTORNEY-AT-LAW based in Lexington, Kentucky. He specializes in wealth management and retirement planning, and focuses his practice on Elder Law. He is a licensed attorney with the state of Kentucky. You can contact him directly at (859) 353-2538.

Here is his story…

I grew up in abject poverty in a broken home in a small rural community in Oklahoma.

My mother worked a minimum wage job at Wal-Mart, while raising 3 boys alone. We lived in low-income housing and relied on food stamps to survive. My silver lining is that she took the family to church and did her best to instill in us a deep sense of faith. Circumstances kept me from seeing my natural father with any regularity. He died from colon cancer when I was age 14. My maternal grandpa then died from cancer when I was 15 and my paternal grandpa suddenly died from a brain aneurism when I was 16.

My adolescent years were extremely difficult, but I managed to finish high school and put myself through college. My faith led me to begin preaching. For very personal reasons, I determined from the beginning of my preaching career not to be entirely dependent upon the church financially. I wanted to be an example and provide real leadership to the people among whom I worked as a minister and love so dearly. I wanted to model what life should be like – as a Christian, a husband, a father, and a businessman.

In my work as a minister I observed the many problems that people had in relation to money – either too much of it or not enough of it. No, money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure does help to relieve suffering. As a minister, circumstances turned me toward entertaining a secondary career in financial services. I got my insurance and investment licenses. Not having a degree or background in finance, business, or accounting, I began and finished my Certification for Financial Planning and then went on to law school.

When I started, I didn’t know anything about money or how to manage it. What I soon learned is that there are many frauds in the industry that are driven by their commission instead of a mission. As a professional in the field, I have come to abhor the deception, lies, and manipulations that I have seen in the industry. Observing the lack of financial literacy, the lack of legal understanding and the lack of other similar wherewithal among all generations, young and old alike, I set out to faithfully help people solve their problems.

Aging adults are especially vulnerable, not only due to a lack of knowledge but because of the many charlatans, fast talkers, and annuity “sales people” that fleece them.

Given that the strongest influences in my life have come from those older people in the church that I have turned to for help and guidance during my stormy youth, I have been able to give back to those who have given so much to me. They taught me life lessons and I, in turn, have been able to teach them important strategies about managing and protecting their money. I have been able to help them preserve their dignity, protect their savings, and safeguard their family legacies, including my own extended family.

My professional training has enabled me to help my dear aunt through my grandmother’s passing and shortly thereafter my uncle’s passing. What I have come to see clearly is that people need reliable trustworthy guidance.

They need someone who knows what hard work, hard times, and hard problems are all about. Someone who has the compassion to feel their pain on one hand while possessing the emotional strength to solve their problems on the other – a soft touch with a solid approach. Most importantly, to be able to turn to someone who always tells the truth and deals honestly in every situation. Someone who isn’t motivated by money, but is motivated by a sense of right. No one solution is appropriate for two different types of people. You need to work with someone who has the skill to provide the right solution and the integrity to tailor that solution to work for you and not for them. You need me. That’s the role of a fiduciary.

I can help you…

  • Decide the best time to take your Social Security and make the most of your retirement income
  • Select the best Medicare plan
  • Grow your money safely
  • Create a Life Plan to give you what you need while protecting what you already have

I’d love the opportunity to help you.

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Douglas T. Hawkins
Based in Lexington, Kentucky
Bar Number: Kentucky Bar # 94675